Mathematics education uncovered and recovered


Wenninger 39

This blog is primarily about mathematics education but it may touch some broader topics. The views expressed are based on my extensive experience of learning and teaching in a variety of environments.

I have taught in Russia and in the UK as a school teacher and a private tutor, working one-to-one and with small groups, meeting students of all ages and interests.

My own learning experience is also broad-ranging. As a child, I took correspondence courses in mathematics, physics and programming. I then went to a boarding school for gifted children known as a Kolmogorov school and continued my studies at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Years later, I completed a few Open University courses in Statistics and in Mathematics Education, and a dozen online courses known as MOOC.

Along with a decent knowledge of mathematics, this personal experience gives me a better understanding of both the cognitive aspects and the emotional context of learning, and allows me to adjust my teaching to the personal needs of my students.